Johannes Unnewehr

Johannes Unnewehr is a computer scientist and psychologist. For some years he worked on the DFG research project "Knowledge Structures" for the psychological institute of the University of Heidelberg. Based on psychological theories he developed the assessment component for a tutorial system, which was used for various fields of learning like chess, electronic circuits, statistics and swimming and which was able to effectively adapt to the users knowledge.

When this research project had ended, he used his experience for own developments in the area of foreign language learning.

Since 1998, Johannes is with SAP. His first mission was the organisation of site visits to improve the usability in the area of workflow and system administration.
After that, Johannes moved to content management and collaboration, where he drove the product definition for a new virtual workspace project and became leader of the design group. After some organisational changes he changed focus to development and software architecture. Later he became project manager in the collaboration team, focusing on the integration of Wikis and Forums to the SAP standard.
Today Jahannes is responsible for projects and architecture of the internal and external SAP portals (CP, SDN and Main focus is on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Unified Publishing Platform (UPP). Further engagement is in the area of Wikis and Open Source Communities.

Project Management, Product Definition, Contextual Design, Software Architecture, Software Development

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